Unique Oxygen Water containing 2000mg medically-pure oxygen for Oxygen Therapy

Oxygenated water enhances your health!

The Best choice for Oxygen Therapy 

Oxywat = 500 Human Breaths in 1 bottle

Oxygen revitalizes your organism
One oxygen cartridge contains at least 2000 mg of medically pure oxygen. This is equal to 500  Human Breaths in 1 bottle.  (1 Litre of Air contains 7,54mg Oxygen. 1 Human breath contains cc 3,7 – 3,9 mg Oxygen – so there is one half litre of air in 1 breath). It is worthwhile comparing our offering to other so-called oxygenated bottled water products as they typically contain substantially less oxygen.

With the consumption of Oxywat the Oxygen level of the liver may be increased to 40-43% from the general 8-10% value. By consuming oxygenated water we literally give a fresh breath to our liver, making it easier, more effective for it to carry out its functions

One of the best methods is the consumption of oxygenated water, since the absorption of oxygen is 6-10x faster in the gastrointestinal tract than through the lungs

Swallowed oxygen is absorbed by the blood capillaries in the stomach(Encyclopaedia Britannica)

The oxygen syphon allows you to produce fresh oxygenated water whenever you need it so you can immediately consume fresh oxygenated water. This is how we offer our consumers the highest oxygenated-saturated water possible.

OxyWat SET
OxyWat SET

Drinking Water + Oxygen = OxyWat Oxygenated Water (Oxygen Therapy, Oxygen Tank, Oxygen Water)

The 20 advantages of consuming medically pure oxygenated water:
  1. When molecular oxygen enters the stomach the speed of increase in the oxygen content of the cells – compared to breathing in air – is approximately tenfold. (Physical fatigue is mainly caused by insufficient oxygen supply to the muscles and the oxygen debt of haemoglobin. In the case of great physical exertion blood oxygen saturation occurs through breathing which may be insufficient due to the limitations of lung capacity and/or sometimes the reduced oxygen content of the air in the atmosphere. In these cases the oxygen level of the blood is low compared to the recovery of the muscle cells).
  2. The oxygen level of the blood may increase quickly over a short period and cause the oxygen debt of the blood to increase, resulting in hypoxia.
  3. It stimulates the restoration of redox processes in the muscles.
  4.  It takes a much shorter time to re-saturate blood oxygen from 90 % to 96.7 % (instead of it taking 2 hours of rest after intensive and strenuous physical exercise).
  5. It restores the resting heart rate in a much shorter time.
  6. At rest it decreases the plastic and contractile tensions of stretched muscles over a shorter time (proven by testing on athletes who had not consumed oxygenated water).
  7. It stimulates micro-circulation in capillaries.
  8. In the case of carbon monoxide poisoning it could be lifesaving.
  9.  It is a complementary treatment for radiotherapy for cancer patients.
  10. It improves the regeneration of collagen.
  11. It improves physical performance.
  12. It improves anaerobic metabolism and blood flow.
  13. The free oxygen content in the liver may be increased to 43% compared to 8% by way of inhalation.
  14. It enhances the activity of enzymes in the liver.14. It enhances the activity of enzymes in the liver.
  15. It enhances the process of liver detoxification.
  16. It increases oxygen reserves.
  17. It speeds up the breakdown of lactic acid after physical exertion.
  18. It supports intellectual performance.
  19. It improves an organism’s overall physical condition and it helps with the movement of patients who have asthma and heart-lung coronary artery stenosis and who suffer from anaemia and heart valve dysfunction.
  20. It also functions as form of protection for people whose jobs are physically demanding, as well as those working in gas, high-humidity or dust-polluted working environments.


The proof of the pudding is in the eating: the test of oxygenated water is in the drinking.
Scientific studies have concluded that oxygen intake through the gastrointestinal tract is more intense and effective than through air inhalation. Such enteric oxygen therapy – on the basis of experience – not only results in oxygen being fed to muscle cells but stimulates other regeneration processes as well.
Today, thousands of people are consuming oxygenated water. Numerous empirical facts and physiological effects of this practice have been documented on the basis of consumer feedback.
These are due to improvements in micro-circulation and decreases in acidification.

Overall, we can state that the beneficial effects of oxygenated water on the body have not only been proven by scientific studies but also by experience.

The above-mentioned positive responses are based on the personal experiences and opinions of people who consume oxygenated water.
There are more than 20,000 people consuming OxyWat oxygenated water on a daily basis – come and join the team and improve your health!

Why would you buy oxygenated water in the shops when it is possible to get your own equipment for producing the best quality oxygenized water anytime you wish and in any quantity?
It has taken a long time to develop PA Ltd. Products but we have now started selling oxygenated water producing siphons which have increasingly become an indispensable household gadget. Many researchers and numerous tests have proven the positive effects of oxygenated water.

Why do you need the more Oxygen ? Answer : about Oxygen Therapy
Why do you need the more Oxygen ? Answer : about Oxygen Therapy

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