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Liver is one of the most important organs in our body. It has over 500 functions that purify toxins from the body. Liver is the largest store of oxygen in the body. Human cells burn food with the use of oxygen and oxygen helps in the selection of toxins. With the consumption of Oxywat the Oxygen level of the liver may be increased to 40-43% from the general 8-10% value. By consuming oxygenated water we literally give a fresh breath to our liver, making it easier, more effective for it to carry out its functions

Homemade Body Cleaning- OxyWat.Co.Uk
Homemade Body Cleaning- OxyWat.Co.Uk

OxyWat is not an average oxygenated water. Commercially available products, at best, contain only 150-200mg of dissolved oxygen, while Oxywat is produced with 2000 mg medically pure oxygen. It is a unique, highly efficient product. It does not contain any artificial additives. It only contains ingredients that you would also put in it.

One of the best methods is the consumption of oxygenated water, since the absorption of oxygen is 6-10x faster in the gastrointestinal tract than through the lungs

Oxygen, Water and … Magic

Detox Liver with OxyWat SET
Detox Liver with OxyWat SET

What do you feel when consuming OxyWat?

  • Pleasant, silky taste
  • The wonderful taste of the premium, natural raw material
  • Your body filling up with 2000mg of medically pure oxygen

What do you feel after the consumption of the Oxywat?

  • Your body is filled with energy
  • Detoxication is started
  • Micturition (detoxication)
  • Improvement in overall well-being
  • Rejuvenates, clears your skin

100% Guarantee – 0% risk

We believe and know that OxyWat is the right choice in our fast-paced world full of toxins. It helps the body to regenerate through its natural effect mechanism.

If you feel that this assistance is not right for you, we will refund you the price of the product.

Recommended use:

  • 2dl consumption in the morning after waking up in case of an empty stomach
  • Consumption of 3 x 2 dl in 4 hour intervals
  • Consumption of 2 dl right before going to bed

The consumption of Oxywat in not a substitute for the consumption of liquids for the (human) organization. The optimal daily intake of liquids is 1 litre for every 20 kg of body weight. (e.g.: 80kg / 4 litres / day)

Detox Liver with OxyWat SET

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Liver disease mortality UK
Liver disease mortality UK
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Liver mortality change UK