Car or Luxury Holiday Prize Competition

Win a New Car or Luxury Holiday with OxyWat

“Buy at least 1 Oxywat SET product from the website for a chance to win 1 high-value vehicle or one of 5 luxury trips for 2 people!

All customers who purchase at least 1 Oxywat SET product will be entitled to participate in the prize draw
* Prizes :
1 new car (GBP 16,000.-) 
5 x 1 Luxury Trips for 2 people (5 x GBP 2,000.-) 

Contest Duration:
– Purchases can be made from 6st October 2015 on the website.
– The game has no time limit; the prize draw will take place based on the quantity of sets that are sold.
– The game ends on the date on which the 500th Oxywat SET product is sold

Rules of Game – Car or Holiday Prize Competition

OxyWat SET
OxyWat SET
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buy now Oxywat
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