Frequently Asked Questions

The OxyWat is :

Is this soda water ?No, This is Oxygenated water

Is this Alkaline water ?  :  Yes, The pH level is : 8,5   (The soda water pH level is just 4,5)

Can I use my Soda syphon for OxyWat : No, The Oxywat parts does not work with Acid. The Oxywat parts made for Oxygen.

What is the different between Oxywat Syphon and Soda syphon? : Oxywat syphon made from special Pressure-resistant Rust-Free steel. Soda syphon made from aluminum. All parts of Oxywat have been designed with Oxygen in mind.

How much of the recommended amount ? : 1 bottle / day / person  (10 x 1 dl / 5 x 2 dl)

How much can I drink at time ?  :  No limit (dosage :  1-5 dl)

OxyWat SET
OxyWat SET