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Reduce the side effects of Chemo or Radiotherapy

10-15% of chemotherapeutic treatments fail, since radiation resistance develops in case of hypoxic cells. German clinics carry out radiotherapy with 50-60% oxygen inhalation. Several US institutions are experimenting with this supplemental therapy on an experimental basis. Studies show that oxygenation eliminates radiation resistance. On the basis of the unanimous opinion of 12 Oncology Institutes, oxygenated tumour can be treated with 70% less radiation dose (30% of the original dose is sufficient).

OxyWat is not an average oxygenated water. Commercially available products, at best, contain only 150-200mg of dissolved oxygen, while Oxywat is produced with 2000 mg medically pure oxygen. It is a unique, highly efficient product. It does not contain any artificial additives. It only contains ingredients that you would also put in it.

One of the best methods is the consumption of oxygenated water, since the absorption of oxygen is 6-10x faster in the gastrointestinal tract than through the lungs

Oxygen, Water and … Magic

OxyWat SET
OxyWat SET

What do you feel when consuming OxyWat?

  • Pleasant, silky taste
  • The wonderful taste of the premium, natural raw material
  • Your body filling up with 2000mg of medically pure oxygen


What do you feel after the consumption of the Oxywat?

  • Significantly reduced or completely eliminated nausea
  • Significantly reduced or completely eliminated physical malaise

100% Guarantee – 0% risk

We believe and know that oxygen is the right choice to naturally reduce the side effects of the toxin filled Chemo and Radiotherapy. At present a dozen of American and German chemotherapy centres use various oxygen therapies to reduce the side effects of Chemo and Radiotherapy treatments.

If you feel that this assistance is not right for you, we will refund you the price of the product.

Recommended use during Chemo and Radiotherapy treatments:

  • drink 0.5 litre Oxywat 1 hour before the start of the treatment
  • drink 0.5 litre Oxywat right after the treatment

The recommended amount can vary from person to person, but a minimum of 1 litre consumption is recommended.

Recommended use between Chemo treatments:

  • Daily 5 x 2 dl (2-3 hour intervals)


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All parts of the Oxywat special pressure-resistant syphon have been designed with Oxygen in mind. Cannot be used with other cartridges.