Better Sex with More OxyGen

Better Sex with More OxyGen

Oxygen Boost your body. The increased oxygen intake may improve physical loadability by 10-15%. You will be more energetic, faster, less tired, your body will regenerate faster under load. Many athletes use oxygen therapy during training and competition, as a legal dope

etter Sex with- OxyWat.Co.Uk
Better Sex with – OxyWat.Co.Uk

Oxywat = 500 Human Breath in 1 bottle

OxyWat is not an average oxygenated water. Commercially available products, at best, contain only 150-200mg of dissolved oxygen, whileOxywat is produced with 2000 mg medically pure oxygen. This is equal to 500  Human Breath in 1 bottle.  (1 Litre of Air include 7,54mg Oxygen. 1 Human breath include cc 3,7 – 3,9 mg Oxygen – half litre of Air in 1 breath). It is a unique, highly efficient product. It does not contain any artificial additives. It only contains ingredients that you would also put in it.

One of the best methods is the consumption of oxygenated water, sincethe absorption of oxygen is 10x faster in the gastrointestinal tract than through the lungs

Oxygen, Water and … Magic

Better Sex with More OxyGen

What do you feel after the consumption of the Oxywat?

  • You will be filled with energy
  • Increased loadability, faster movement, less fatigue and faster recharge and a decrease in lactic acid levels, or lack of it

100% Guarantee – 0% risk

We believe and know that Oxywat is the right choice in our fast-paced world full of toxins. The perfect combination of Oxygen and water provides outstanding physical performance.

Recommended use for “Sex Athletes” :

  • Drink 0.4 litres of Oxywat 20-30 minutes prior to the start of training or competition
  • Drink 2 x 0.2 litre of Oxywat during training or competition
  • Drink of 0.2 litres of Oxywat after training/competition (decrease of lactic acid levels)
Ultimate Better Sex with
Ultimate Better Sex with