OxyWat Set


OxyWat SET

Make 100 Litre of Oxygenated water with 100 x 2000mg medically-pure oxygen.

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OxyWat set

OxyWat set with Syphon and 100pcs Oxygen cartridge

1 pc OxyWat Syphon

You can always drink oxygenized water from  this product and enjoy the freshening feeling of oxygen.
The water coming from the syphon is white colored, which indicates the enormous  quantity of oxygen. It should be drunk as soon as possible after filling out.
Unlike soda water it’s not prickly, not fizzling, has no snappy feeling.
OxyWat oxygen-syphon: volume: 1 l, rust-free body, with blue plastic head.


OxyWat Cartridge box with 100 pcs cartridge

1 cartridge include : 2000mg medically pure oxygen
1 pc OwyWat cartridge makes one litre of oxygenated water.
Store in a cool and dry place, free of oil and grease.
Protected from sunlight and heat above 50 Celsius
The OxyWat cartridge equipped with a safety ring can only be used for OxyWat Syphon.
Do not wear clothing soiled with oil and grease while using the cartridge.
Do not use the cartridge if the red safety ring is damaged.
Keep away from children
Awailable for sale only in the OxyWat Store.

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